December 23, 2014


Sponsored by:

King Lebel

Upcoming event:

December 23rd, Xmas Party and New Years Eve Party

The Kirkland Lake Bingo

hall and the Association

support  24 Charities

in and around Kirkland Lake.

We thank our players for

your continued support

over the years and for

the year to come.


Super Jackpot


in 51 Numbers

in 55 Numbers

Progressive C

in 24 numbers
$925  in 31 numbers
Regulal Jackpot of
in 49 Numbers
Toonie Pot

Located at:

38 Duncan St. N.

The hall offers:

Non-smoking hall

Friendly staff

Hours of Operation:

Tue - Sun 1:30pm to 9pm, 

Bingo nightly at 6:30pm

Tuesday to Sunday